Bill C-24 Erodes the Rights and Privileges of Canadian Citizenship

canadian-citizenship.jpgCanada’s new immigration and citizenship law, Bill C-24, has started a conversation among Canadians about whether Canadian citizenship is a right or privilege. While the distinction between these categories may not make much difference in an average citizen’s daily lives, this important subject will likely have long-term effects for our immigration and citizenship policies. This area of policy and law is a sensitive matter especially for those citizens born outside Canada or those who become naturalized citizens.

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Youth Indifference: A National Crisis That is Being Ignored

students.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterbox.jpegThe voter participation in the Ontario general elections has been consistently dropping during the last decade, based on the data available from Elections Ontario. If you look at the more detailed data for the past federal elections, available from Elections Canada, you will see that voter participation is especially low among younger Canadians. In the 2011 federal elections, less than 40% of 18-24 year old Canadians participated and the same downward trend is also evident in the previous elections.


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