Bijan is a young entrepreneur, a community/political activist and a non-profit leader. While pursuing his dream to build his successful real estate development venture, he has been active in his community for the past 10 years.

He started his community work in 2007 during his undergraduate years at UofT where he led the executive board of the Iranian Students' Union as the Treasurer and President for two years. In recent years he has launched and managed multiple fundraising campaigns for supporting underprivileged young women and children in Canada and Iran.The success of these campaigns were possible through collaborations with The Children's Wish Foundation in Canada, Paradise Charity Group, and the Omid Foundation.

Bijan is currently the president of the Iranian Canadian Congress, a non-profit advocacy organization focusing on advancing the interests of the Iranian Canadian community.  

Bijan has also served on the board of several other organizations including the board of Omid Foundation Canada, the advisory board of Parya Trillium Foundation and the executive board of the Willowdale Federal Liberal Association. 

Bijan started his political activism as an active volunteer in the Liberal Party of Canada and the Ontario Liberal Party in 2007. In his local community of Willowdale he served as one of the Vice Presidents of the Federal Liberal Association. 

In recent years as part of his role in the Iranian Canadian Congress Bijan has focused his efforts on advocacy for the priority issues and problems Iranian Canadians encounter in their daily lives here in Canada. In this role he has regularly participated in media interviews, conducted a press conference in the parliament, has written op-eds and testified before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. 

Bijan received his Masters of Applied Science from University of Toronto in 2011 (Civil Engineering) with specialization in Project Management. His collaborative research work with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario was recognized during the 2011 Canadian Society for Civil Engineer’s Annual Conference.

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