Part 1: Community Engagement

Here you can find the first part of my election platform for the ICC. Hope that with your support, I get a chance to execute these suggestions in near future:

  • Collaborating with other Iranian-Canadian non-profit community organizations in order to provide better services to the community.
  • Working with organizations representing different Iranian ethnic groups (Kurds, Turks,…) to ensure that the ICC represents the Iranian cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • Collecting members’ opinion through online/phone surveys for identifying and prioritizing key issues in our community.
  • Continuing the “I’m an Iranian-Canadian too” membership campaign by forming the Communications and Community Engagement committee with 5,000 members as the year end goal.
  • Organizing monthly gatherings for the members to get to know each other and allow the board executives to have an opportunity to hear from members about their concerns and opinion on different community issues.
  • Promoting volunteer work in our community particularly among younger Iranian-Canadians by creating the ICC Volunteer Team and engaging them in the activities of the ICC and its affiliate organizations.
  • Creating Young Iranian-Canadian Leaders Club within the ICC to provide professional mentorship and career development services. 


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