Part 2: Transparency & Accountability

The lack of transparency and accountability has been one of the problems of the ICC board in recent years.  I suggest the following practical and easy to implement steps to improve transparency in the ICC board:

  • Publishing detailed minutes of all board meetings on the ICC website within a week after each meeting.
  • Appointing one of the board members as the spokesperson for the ICC responsible for communications with the ICC members and media representatives.
  • Releasing quarterly reports to update the ICC members about the progress of different programs and projects the ICC is working on. 
  • Adding a clause to the ICC by-law for requiring appointment of an ombudsman who will be responsible for investigating and addressing complaints of maladministration or violation of the by-laws by the ICC executives and board members.

  • Reviewing proposed amendments to the by-laws prepared last year, finalizing these amendments through a round of consultation with the ICC members, and preparing the proposed amendments for presentation in a Special General Meeting scheduled within first 6 months from the 2015 AGM. 


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